SHINE Coaching offers its clients a tailor-made, direct and effective intervention, focused on flourishment of the person to optimize group performance.

Individual coaching

Individual coaching is a performance booster, a conscious transformation, allowing you to take a step back from your posture in order to grow and develop yourself in the organization. It helps to better understand the modes of behavior and relationships with others and with oneself.

Each individual coaching aims to develop new skills, attitudes or postures, to enrich the range of each employee.

The coach is a booster thinking. The coachee thus opens up new perspectives in his thoughts and behaviors.



Executives, high potentials, new or experienced managers, taking up a position, in transition, in expatriation



Leadership development, strategic support, Change management, stress, corporate interculturality, self-confidence, female success

Tailor-made format, adapted according to subjects & needs:

Usually a pack of 2 introductory and closing sessions and 8 individual working sessions. These sessions are face-to-face interviews lasting 1h45 in which all subjects are discussed in a framework that allows confidentiality and psychological security.

Location :

Coaching space (Paris 14th) or other places chosen with the coachee to facilitate their travels.
Possibility of walking coaching or Horse coaching sessions.

Team coaching

The concept of a team is particularly affected by recent changes (horizontal management, agile management, remote working, internal and external skills, etc.). It tends to disappear for a community which sometimes needs to be supported to develop the best of its collective intelligence.

A recent, moving team, need to align itself around new issues, to strengthen the quality of its links, to optimize its results …

Thanks to tailor-made support of a few days or months, the group of employees becomes aware of its functioning. It gradually becomes a real team, gathered around goals and operating methods that ensure better performance.

Team coaching brings together individuals around the group’s modes of collaboration and strengthens its ability to work together. Its objective is to sustain over time the dynamic and collective intelligence around the success of ambitious projects.

The current situation is studied by your side as well as a diagnosis of the team’s needs with regard to the desired situation. All team coaching is tailor-made support according to the needs of each organization.

Online coaching

For national or international companies, ultra-customizable according to individual needs and time and place constraints, this digitalization approach to coaching adapts to all employee development programs.

After a first contact with the coach, the employee validates his objective with his manager and / or HR. The company selects a package of hours with the coach and sends it to the coached employee. The coachee then chooses his coaching pace and organizes his sessions based on the coach’s agenda.

The 1h15 sessions are organized on a videoconference platform with online sharing tools.

At the end of the process, an online review meeting is organized with the coach, the coachee and the company.


Equicoaching is a methodology for evaluating and enriching support through the use horse. The horse, the blotter of our emotions, becomes the mirror of your behavior.
It allows people to:
• Understand their communication modes (non-verbal communication, leardership process)
• Improve their relational actions by integrating behavioral application rules (trust relationship)
• Identify and understand their emotional intelligence
This method can be used in executive individual coaching or in team support. It has demonstrated its effectiveness in large companies, thanks to its original and offbeat approach.

Application of AIC-HEC and EMCC codes of ethics